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AtticRep’s ‘Slasher’ is bloody good fun

By Deborah Martin
Express News

Slasher,” native San Antonian Allison Moore’s comedy about the making of a horror movie, follows the basic template of the genre.

The main characters are introduced in their normal lives; they get mixed up with some oddballs (in this case, the director and crew of a low-budget horror flick); things take a violent turn; and blood is spilled.

In “Slasher,” the blood is initially fake stuff slathered on for the movie, but then things take another turn and the production ends up with an actual body count. In AtticRep‘s typically stellar staging, lighting designers Sam Keller and Greg Starbird point to the shift to real-life violence by moving from the moody tones of moviemaking to a harsher light, just one of many deft touches in the show.

Director Kyle Gillette builds the tension beautifully, particularly in the chaotic scenes near the end. He also gives the show just the right tone for a piece set in and around Austin. And he makes excellent use of video, using images projected onto the back wall to add to the setting or create a mood; the score, drawn largely from classic horror movies, is a fun touch.

He has cast the show well, starting with Jaime Mire as scrappy waitress-turned-actress Sheena McKinney. Mire plays Sheena as the kind of gal audiences pull for, which is exactly what’s needed; she also has a cut-right-through-you scream. And Rachel Joseph, as Sheena’s pill-addled mom, Frances, is terrific, giving each line just the right snap.

The show is good, bloody fun without losing sight of the issues Moore raises about changing notions of feminism and about violence in film. It’s definitely worth catching.

Slasher” can be seen at 8 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays and 2:30 p.m. Sundays through May 30 at the Attic Theatre at Trinity University. Tickets range from $10 to $20. Call (800) 838-3006 or visit atticrep.org. .


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