Forum Theatre Project

The Forum Theatre Mission

    Part of our mission to inspire dialogue that informs and provokes change, AtticRep has presented the Forum Theatre Project, based on the work of Augusto Boal and his “theatre of the oppressed.” Boal believed that theatre had a powerful effect on social change. He structured forum theatre to break down the wall between actors on stage and the audience, who he called “spect-actors”. Using a loose structure in which a character is being oppressed, the audience is invited to stop the action and take over the role of the actor. Each “spectactor” has the power to stop the oppression and change the outcome. The more “spectactors” who get involved, the greater their ability to effect the outcome. Forum theatre is a powerful theatrical tool to encourage the average citizen to get involved in eliciting social change. AtticRep has presented Forum Theatre projects on homelessness, marriage equality, immigration, and (with an altered formula in 2012), Breast Cancer.

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    Creative Team

    Directed by Roberto Prestigiacomo and Chelsea Taylor

    Production Design by Hills Snyder and Jeremiah Teutsch

    Lighting Design by Robin Crews

    Costume Consultation by Montana Blanca

    Production Managed by Emily Barker

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