Production History

One for the Road

    by Harold Pinter –  Produced in May 4-6, 2006  &  July 24-27, 2008


    (May 2006)

    Rick Frederick (Nicholas)

    Aaron Eckman (Victor)

    Ethan Iverson (Nicky)

    Dylan Huston (Nicky- Understudy)

    Maurine Evans (Gila)

    (July 2008)

    Rick Frederick (Nicholas)

    Aaron Eckman (Victor)

    Susanna Morrow (Gila)

    Elias Hansen (Nicky)

    Creative Team

    (May 2006)

    Directed by Robert Prestigiacomo

    Costumes by Jodi Karjala

    Lighting Design by Tim Francis

    Sound Design by Riski Kushner

    Set Design by Martha Penaranda

    Production/ Stage Manager, Yinnelly Arnold

    Company Manager, Navid Afshar

    Assistant Stage Manager, Sara Pruneda

    Project Catalyst, Aaron Eckman

    Project Director, Rick Frederick

    (July 2008)

    Directed by Robert Prestigiacomo

    Lighting Design by Tim Francis

    Costume/Makeup Design by Jodi Karjala

    Sound Design by Riski Kushner

    Stage Manager, Karen Wilson

    Sound Board Operator, Adam Canson

    Associate Dramaturge, Whitney Eggers

    Costume/Makeup/Production, Samantha Granberg

    Graphic Artist, Steve Gilliam

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