Forum Theatre Project

Borders and Walls


    “This year’s topic is the border, with a focus on immigration. The scope of the project is more ambitious this time around — the piece unfolds in three quick acts, with lots of moving parts; only the third act is repeated. There is also an additional work, a starkly moving movement-based piece performed by Susanna Morrow with a striking video by Ana Carillo Baer.

    After Morrow moves offstage, the rest of the actors come on, moving into a few improvisational exercises before settling down to business.

    The piece they have crafted follows an ill-fated trip across the border by a woman and her pregnant sister. The large cast — Sarah Bading, Marisela Barrera, Valerie Cortinas, Anna De Luna, Rick Frederick, Gloria Sanchez, Joel Settles and Andy Thornton — prove themselves to be masterful improvisational actors. They each dig deep, taking the story to unexpected places.

    At Thursday’s performance, four audience members became “spect-actors,” stepping into roles in the piece and changing the dynamic.

    The evening ended with a thoughtful discussion, which is, Prestigiacomo noted, the whole point of the enterprise.”

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