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She’s Coming To The Tobin, But Don’t Fear Virginia Woolf

Photo by Siggi Ragnar

Attic Rep is bringing a classic, black comedy-drama, back to the Tobin Performing Arts Center’s Carlos Alvarez Theater. Its director Roberto Prestigiacomo told me more.

“Well the production is called ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,’ by Edward Albee. Virginia Woolf was a perfect feat for our second production at the Tobin.”

I asked why is a 50+ year-old play still relevant?

“Well, it is a superb piece of dramatic literature. And also, the two main characters, Martha and George, seem to me to embody the extremes of life: love and hate, fear and courage. And these are extremes that we, as an audience, or we as readers, experience every day. The difference being that George and Martha experience those things in a three-hour period.”

This isn’t the first time Attic Rep has done Virginia Woolf.

“It is a production that Attic Rep has produced two years ago, in 2012, and it was one of its most successful productions.”

Many of us may remember the incendiary Elizabeth Taylor / Richard Burton film of the same name, from back in 1966.

“So it’s not a play for the whole family?” I guessed.

“I think it is a play for the whole family. But probably 16 and up.”

I speculated that Virginia Woolf is one of those actor’s plays where they relish getting into all the colors they can bring out of some great writing.

“Yes, absolutely. And also, the chemistry between David Connelly playing George, and Gloria Sanchez playing Martha, is incredible. The level that they have reached now, after five weeks of rehearsal, makes their relationship more palpable, more understandable to us.”

And what’s next on Attic Rep’s agenda?

“Well, our next production is True West by Sam Shepherd. That opens on Jan. 28 and is on till Feb. 8.”

We’ve more on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf  here.


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