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Born Of Tragedy, Attic Rep Production Soars

by: Jack Morgan – June 14, 2016
Originally Published by Texas Public Radio

Photo by Siggi Ragnar

A new Attic Rep production at the Tobin’s Carlos Alvarez Theater is getting a lot of attention. Playwright Roberto Prestigiacomo says there was a person and an event that spawned his production titled “14.”

“’14’ is inspired by my daughter, who is 14.”

The event that spurred the production was the terrorist attacks of 2001.

“After 9-11 life got more dangerous for everybody, especially for our younger generation.”

With that event as the premise the Trinity University theater professor had sobering revelations about adult responsibility.

“Our decisions, our choices that we make now as parents, as adults, will affect the lives of our kids.”
The production of “14” itself is a collaboration between Aerial Horizons, which provides aerial acrobatics, the Attic Rep Dancers, and digital visuals by Aesop’s Studio.

“It is a visual experience, but really what I’m creating is a playground. Because the inspiration was watching my daughter playing in the playground with other kids. The playground is a metaphor for life.”

Photographs from the production show a rich, very physical series of scenes, which he says trace his daughter’s life chronologically.

“Life is a playground. You have to have some challenges. You have to jump from place to place. And if you take the jump, ultimately everything will be for the best.”

The obvious question: does his daughter like it? He smiled.

“She loved it, she loved it.”

“14” is showing Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the Tobin’s Carlos Alvarez Theater.

Find more on “14” here.


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