STRAIGHT by David Schmader

Serious, funny, poignant, and full of compassion, I thought it was really wonderful.

Niles Chumney

It was smart, funny and alarming to realize the discrimination and shame still being heaped on gay men and lesbians in America in the 21st century…we can do better people!

Lori Dunlap

IRISH CURSE by Martin Casella

This was an incredible show!! I am definitely coming back next weekend. Thank you for producing such a beautiful play!

Julia Langenberg

The acting was phenomenal, I felt like I knew these people! As always, the intimate setting made it even more special…it was like being in the circle with these hilarious characters! Also noteworthy was what it contributed to our post-play dinner conversation – everything we’ve seen at Attic Rep always makes for VERY thought provoking discussion, and this was certainly NO EXCEPTION…could it be that my husband is half Irish haha!! Thanks Attic Rep for a wonderful evening – keep ‘em coming!

Jody Browne

We too had a great time seeing “The Irish Curse.” We had not been to an AtticRep production before and really loved the incredibly intimate staging, fine acting, and superb casting. It was a thrilling privilege to be so close to the actors as they plied their craft. This group and others are working really hard to raise the bar for theater in San Antonio and they richly deserve everyone’s support. You owe it to yourself and to these fine professionals to see a performance of this entertaining and thought-provoking play.

Lyle Williams

Seeing this play was the highlight of my month! Great acting, great casting and great atmosphere. Grazie, Roberto!

Otilia Bujor

“The meaning of this play is much “bigger” than the Irish Curse. Any of us who have suffered from and compensated for inadequacies will identify with the 5 men in this church basement. And, isn’t that all of us? Thank you AtticRep for a subversively funny and deeply moving evening at the theatre.”

Jody Blake

“This was my second time seeing The Irish Curse. I have rarely seen such fine theater in this city. It was an incredibly tight cast, excellent acting; every actor was so fully inhabiting the lives of theses men that I found myself laughing & crying, feeling their heartbreak, their hopes & their incredible bond with each other. I cannot commend you each highly enough, nor recommend this show highly enough. Bravo, gentlemen!”

Skye Daniels

“This play did everything theatre should do … it brought me into the lives of these characters and their stories, I cared about them, I cried with them, my world was altered and my consciousness expanded. I could not stop thinking about Kieren and his young bride after the play ended, as if they were real people. Excellent performances, great setting … this was as good as anything I’ve ever seen. I will be back.”

Nancy Grojean

“After 5 years, AtticRep is still one of the strongest voices in town. Their ability to create dialogue between the audiences of today is inspiring!

The Irish Curse doesn’t feel like a theatrical production, it feels like you’re a silent participant of a discussion with friends. Strong acting, beautiful lighting and sound makes this a must see! Thank you for sharing this story Attic Rep and congrats to your cast and crew!”

Matthew Byron Cassi

The casting was excellent! Were they really acting? I believed every word they spoke!

Nancy Fullerton

“What a phenomenal presentation ! The acting was amazing. All of these actors brought it to the table..This is what Theater should be all about . Hats off to the superb direction of Roberto Prestigiacomo.This is a must see, again and again.Those that have not seen “The Irish Curse” are really missing out . The Attic 2 Theater of Trinity is the perfect space to show case these wonderful actors and their artistic talent. Truly each actor works in complete concert with the other , to provide a magical moment for all those in attendance. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about this wonderful production!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Derek Berlin

“In our present age of “fluff” and “celebrity”, Roberto Prestigiacomo’s Attic Rep Theater offers San Antonians the gift of substance by way of the selection, direction, and casting of its’ theatrical productions. Every play I have attended at the Attic Rep over the last four years has been a truly memorable intellectual and emotional experience and heightened by the theater’s intimate seating. The current production of Martin Cassela’s “The Irish Curse” continues the Attic Rep’s short but excellent history of production, directing and casting. Rick Frederick, Rusty Thurman, Lawrence Coop, Tyler Keyes and Rodman Bolek, and the staging crew, under the direction of Roberto Prestigiacomo, present us with another gem worthy of a standing ovation. My only wish is that more San Antonians would take advantage of the theatrical gems offered by the Attic Rep.”

Robert Mason

SMUDGE by Rachel Axler

“I wanted to comment on your production of SMUDGE which i saw last night. I am still thinking about it and mulling it over. The set was absolutely brilliant, the use of the projections and the originality of the design was really amazing. The play itself isn’t always easy to watch but by the end, I empathized with all of the characters and genuinely understood their choices. The actors were really, really good. I would like to come back for closing weekend to see how the characters develop after three weeks of performances. Overall, this is one of the best productions I have seen in San Antonio! Thank you!”

Renee Garvans

“Watching Smudge is like falling into a pregnant woman’s nightmare. It’s a bizarre trip through a prenatal looking glass filled with fear, acceptance and hope. Very well cast and directed, this production keeps the bar high for excellence in theatre here in SA.”

Christy Huffman

“Beautiful; moving; so intimate and deep that my group left the theater in a trance, previously intending to stop by Candlelight coffee shop, but instead found ourselves driving straight home processing the emotions you evoked. This is theater at its best. We loved the set creativity and may we say that the acting deserves praise. Ms. Morrow – wow! We’ll do our best to spread the word.”


“Smudge is lamentable, blithe, and poignant.  It is an exquisitely honest examination of love, hate, despair, and surreal madness.  I applaud the unique way in which the subject matter was presented.  Excellent achievement!”

Kelly Reid Walls

“Loved “SMUDGE” !!! Great for anyone interested in a thought provoking and often times surreal and absurd theatrical journey, needs to come see this play. We saw it nearly a week ago and we can’t stop thinking about it – talking about it. There’s so much dimension to this play and to the performances that we are nearly haunted by its impact. Hysterically funny one minute and uncomfortable and awkward the next – One of the key elements that appeals to us is the use of the audience imagination in order to absorb the full impact of SMUDGE. Clever. Witty. Very well acted and directed. Definitely well worth seeing and is a perfect example of what Theatre should be….”

Tracey Maurer

FIFTY WORDS by Michael Weller

Dear AtticRep,
I had the absolute pleasure of seeing your production of “50 Words” by Michael Weller last night. I must commend you on your choice of material, set design, direction and the acting. What a wonderful night of theater it was! Whether you are a straight married couple with children or a gay man in a 6 year long term relationship (like myself) the themes in this play transcend all preconceived notions of what types of relationships have these struggles. This story was just as applicable to me as it was the elderly heterosexual couple sitting next to me. As I found myself in bed at 2am, staring at the ceiling still thinking about this production, I wanted to make sure that I went out of my way to thank for telling this story and making it such a powerful production.

Byron Matthey Cassi

“FIFTY WORDS is about the fine lines we draw in a relationship and the dangers of crossing them. The words “As long as we’re talking about things…” become a gateway for brutal honesty and unrestrained regret. Bravely acted, organic direction and a set that felt like my own home, AtticRep has delivered another winner!”

Christy Huffman

50 WORDS – AMAZING! Great topic, well put together, and powerfully executed. I almost cried when Renee said “HOLD ME!”. As a matter of fact i was almost embarrassed, as tho i was watching something i shouldn’t be watching. A very personal exchange that should be kept private. The believability of the performance had the audience convinced and riveted. During the intermission, the ladies behind me were discussing how Renee should not take Adam back because he would just “cheat again…”. Oh, and when it got physical the collective gasp of the audience was audible and the tension suffocating. The real tears were heart wrenching

Daniel Longoria

Tonight’s show was everything that is good about live theater: intimate, compelling, heart-stopping, realistic and highly believable. The choices of material, cast, set and props meshed perfectly. And the venue itself was an integral part of the evening, with an immediacy that gave me no choice but to feel fully immersed in the action.

The surrendering slump of Adam’s shoulders registered with a precision that was matched perfectly by the quiet disdain on Renee’s face, and the long, poignant pauses in the conversation hit home with just as much force as the spot-on dialogue.

My wife and I talked about it all the way home, and will undoubtedly dream about the show all night as well. I’m only sorry that our schedule won’t allow us to see the show again tomorrow night or Sunday… Guess I’ll have to settle for getting a season pass, and looking forward to the next shows at AtticRep.

Byron Matthey Cassi

GOD OF CARNAGE by Jasmina Reza

God of Carnage is a laugh riot. Four adults regress to childhood before your very eyes in a matter of minutes. Some of the best acting you are likely to see in San Antonio this year.

LD Coop

Y’all were all so terrific tonight. I heard/saw things in it that I had not before, so many dynamic and subtle things, so much simultaneity — I really can’t begin to catalog it all. Every one of you found all the comedic possibilities…so very, very, funny…and then, it suddenly opens into that abyss. I’m really stunned. Can’t wait to see it again from another angle a week from Saturday

Hills Snyder

Saw the show Friday. Loved it. Great work by everyone. Wonderful to see a good play well done!

David Connelly

We had previously viewed Roman Polanski’s film, Carnage, starring Jodie Foster, Kate Winslett, and Christopher Waltz. We found your stage production to be superior in numerous ways. To begin with, the Polanski version seemed cramped, claustrophobic, and drearily humorless, whereas the Attic production was often vibrant fun and full of lively surprises. The audience was captivated from start to finish. The acting of all four characters was right on target. My husband and I were particularly impressed by Rick Frederick’s performance as the attorney; he nailed that guy—facial expressions, body language, attitude…better, we think than Waltz…and that’s saying something! We also found Gloria Sanchez to be exceptional as Veronica—a difficult role that called for toughness and vulnerability in equal measure, often at the same time. In short, Mr. Presigiacomo, our reaction to God of Carnage could be expressed in one word: Bravo! We shall continue recommending your AtticRep stage productions to our friends. Thanks for enriching San Antonio with excellent theater.

Lila & Tom Walker

God of Carnage is one of the funniest and most enjoyable of the AtticRep productions in the last few years. The play is excellently staged and superbly acted by a great ensemble consisting of Christy Huffman, Gloria Sanchez, Rick Frederick, and Andrew Thornton. (If you don’t know these names, go see God of Carnage and experience what you have missed!) The blurb says it is Brooklyn, but it is just as much San Antonio. God of Carnage runs through May 27. If you don’t have your tickets, go to and order them!

Emil Hunziker

I was at the opening night performance and a week later I’m still thinking about your production. Rarely am I awe struck by an actor’s performance, and that night I was taken aback by FOUR ACTORS in a single performance. Huffman was splendidly subdued, Frederick nailed everyone’s idea of the slimy lawyer, Thornton contrasting roles were both clear and distinguishable, and Gloria’s comedic timing was exactly what the audience needed. I kick my self for not writing sooner, but my inability to let those performances go is a testament to what a group of prepared actors can do to an audience. Go see this show, because shows like this don’t come along very often.

Tim Waggoner


Fine performances from all 4 in various ways, but David and Gloria both really took my breath away in the best of ways. The very difficult banter between David and Brad Adams in Act 2 was superb. His running of the course reminded me of some of the Olympic athletes we all just watched that started well and gained and gained to overtake the finish line. Gloria, as I have said before, if giving perhaps the most engrossing performance I have seen in SA and in many other cities. Her affectations, her depth of expression between her line deliveries engrosses me. The physicality and rawness of their performances, particularly in acts 2 & 3 don’t just rivet. They are in our moment, not just in their own. One bit that I don’t recall from prior productions (and I don’t have a script to check it) that made a gut-punching impact on me was in the final scene after their guests left, when George (David) poured the various drinks together and proceeded to consume them down center. Following his requiem for their ’son’, this act seemed inescapably to be some sort of consuming of the host as if following a sacramental religious act, whether pagan or Catholic. “Consuming the Host”— what a term in the context of this play. Perhaps it is all in the script, but it had never affected me in such a deeply profound, jaw-dropping and moving way as in this production. Bravo and thanks.

Byrd Bonner

Oh My! What a brilliantly staged and acted performance of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf! Kudos to everyone involved. I marveled at the “professorial” stage as we waited for the play to begin! The acting was totally transparent and natural. Nothing but superlatives!


What a compelling production, one that I intend to see a second time. The set was remarkably detailed (down to the kitty litter box tucked under the stairs) and the performances excellent, with David Connelly (George) giving a performance that was one of the most riveting I’ve ever seen.

Richard Reams

This was unbelievably fantastic…..shocking…..funny…..and fun. The cast was superb and I’ll have to say that George and Martha’s performances were beyond words. Cheers! Looking forward to seeing more with this cast especially Gloria.


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